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We don’t track you

We don’t track you in any way on this site. Everything is static
and was built thanks to Hexo.

Third parties

We include external JS libraries and use Google Fonts.
So yeah, they might know.

Page is served through Cloudflare for security and performance
reasons, so they also have unique cookie on you.

For this, you can use multiple browser extensions.
Altough I wouldn’t recommend pissing of Cloudflare, as they might
flag you as a potential attacker.


We always welcome your thoughts, but for us webpage comments fell short as a means of discussion a long time ago, and since social media made attention span got so short, there would be probably hundreds of the same voices. If you have any comments, especially criticizing this piece, we'll happily publish them here, in-article. Just drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

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